A Guide for a Tattoo Business

At last decided to plunge in a tattoo business? At a loss what to start with? Learn three main things you should remember when starting this difficult and complicated task!

How to start using a tattoo machine?

It goes without saying that a tattoo machine or gun is the central element of the process of tattooing. The ink, flowing through the machine, forms the shape of a tattoo step by step. Nevertheless, it's important not to forget it's not the gun that creates the beauty of a tattoo, but it's the tattooist. So it's crucial to learn how to use the machine effectively and of course it requires lots of patience and time.

Yellow Tattoo Designs

There are different ways of choosing tattoo designs. Some go by symbolism of tattoo first, some first decide on the tattoo placement, some choose among the most unique designs and some search among designs which can be done in one's favorite color. I'd like to have a look at some yellow tattoo ink designs.

White Ink Tattoo Designs

There are more and more tattoo enthusiasts nowadays and the number of tattoo designs is also rapidly growing. Choosing tattoo design and its placement it's important to find beautiful and meaningful design. Colors of tattoo are also significant and I think that white ink tattoo is a perfect choice, mostly for women.

Purple Tattoo Designs

Do you like purple color? And what about purple tattoo designs? They are really amazing. Purple color symbolizes spirituality and royalty, wisdom and nobility, enlightenment and ceremony. Purple is the color of luxury and power. It is associated with spiritual fulfillment and good judgment. Purple can be cool and warm and it's widely used in meditation. Purple color is able to stimulate peace of mind. Mysterious purple color is favorite of some women and hated by others. If you like it, purple flower tattoo design would be a great choice!

Orange Tattoo Designs

Choosing the design of tattoo you may pay special attention to the placement or to the size. I think that the color of tattoo is significant. There may be one or several dominant colors in tattoo design and I'd like to talk about some orange ink tattoo designs and their symbolism.
Orange is the color of warmth and energy. It symbolizes enthusiasm, balance and demand of attention. Orange is expansive, vibrant and flamboyant.

Red Tattoo Designs

Tattooing is a popular body art nowadays and people all over the world get their bodies tattooed for various reasons. For some it's just the way of beautifying and for others tattoo has deeply symbolic meaning. Sometimes tattoos are done to hide the scars. The choice of tattoo designs is endless and depends of individual preferences. Lifestyle influences the choice of tattoo placement and design greatly. People are searching for meaningful symbols and want them look great. The color of tattoo also is significant as colors can influence our mood. Most of us have

Pink Ink Tattoo Designs

Tattooing is not only a fashion trend but the way of self-expression and sometimes of hiding scars. Tattoo art is becoming more and more popular and the number of tattoo designs is striking. Tattoo artists create new designs and you may get really unique tattoo. The choice of tattoo placement and design depends on many aspects and we shouldn't forget about the significance of color design as well. Colors have visual effect on people and it's better to find the perfect combination of tattoo design, its size, colors and placement. I'd like to talk about the most

Green Ink Tattoo Designs

If you are going to get your body tattooed and haven't decided on the design yet, you may pay attention to the tattoo coloring. And I'd like to talk about green tattoo ink tattoos. Green is the color of environment, nature and spring, fertility and youth. Green symbolizes good luck, health, renewal and generosity. Green is the eternal life color and most people like it, especially those who like summer and spring times.

Blue Color Tattoo Designs

The choice of tattoo design can be simple or you may have lots of doubts. Of course, it would depend on the placement and the size. I think that color is one of the most important aspects of choice. And I'd like to talk about blue color tattoo designs. Blue is the color of harmony and trust, tranquility and peace, truth and security. Blue symbolizes stability and confidence, loyalty and cleanliness, order and calm. The magic color of water and skies is also a symbol of life itself.