Black Ink Tattoo Designs

There is a variety of tattoo designs and any person can choose something special and unique for himself. If you are fond of classical black color, I will be easy to make your choice and get deeply meaningful and attractive design tattooed on your body.
Black is the color of elegance and sexuality, power and formality, sophistication and wealth, evil and fear, remorse and anger, style and depth. In most Western cultures black is the color of death. It represents the night and mystery. Encouraging the imagination and expressing the depth of unknown black color is so attractive and loved by most people. Black tattoo designs look great and match almost any style and other colors.
Panther is the animal representing protection and power. It symbolizes valor and courage. People with panther totem are thought to be artistically inclined and very intuitive and they are said to come into the world with deeper spiritual knowing. Black panther symbolizes the power of the night, the dark moon and the mother. Black panther tattoo stands for elimination of our fears of the darkness and understanding of the shadow powers available to us. Living our dreams and discovering our desires can be showed with black panther symbolism.
Spider tattoo is another great idea. Spider is an ancient symbol of growth, power and mystery. We weave our lives as the spider weaves the web. Spider tattoo represents that our choices construct our lives. Most spiders have eight legs and eight eyes and the number eight symbolizes infinity and evolution. Black spider tattoo may symbolize rebirth, creation, progress, fate and protection.
Tribal tattoo designs are the most popular in the world and they are usually done in black tattoo ink. Tribal tattoos convey a "feel" and their aggressive and distinctive sharp black lines and patterns are really attractive. The symbolism of tribal designs deftly creates the bridge between rich past and the modern world. They symbolize protection and strength, unending cycle of birth and death.
Cat as an ancient symbolic Celtic animal represents the guardian of the Underworld. Mysterious and silent, cats were associated with witchcraft in Western cultures. Black cat tattoo may symbolize intelligence and mystery, supernatural power and watchfulness, independence and selectiveness.
Chinese and other Asian symbols are usually tattooed in black. Most abstract and fine-line tattoo designs are done in black and they look really great.
Don't forget that the choice of tattoo parlor is not less important than the choice of tattoo design. Make sure your tattoo artist is professional and creative and that he/she uses only best quality tattoo inks and tattoo equipment and has all necessary medical supplies and tattoo stuff and sterilization is done. Good luck!