Blue Color Tattoo Designs

The choice of tattoo design can be simple or you may have lots of doubts. Of course, it would depend on the placement and the size. I think that color is one of the most important aspects of choice. And I'd like to talk about blue color tattoo designs. Blue is the color of harmony and trust, tranquility and peace, truth and security. Blue symbolizes stability and confidence, loyalty and cleanliness, order and calm. The magic color of water and skies is also a symbol of life itself.
Blue is magnificent color loved by most men and women all over the world. It attracts and there are so many shades of blue that any person will find something perfect and matching for himself. Wise Japanese art is full of blue.
Floral tattoo designs have always been popular and there is nothing strange about it. Rose symbolizes love- the feeling that has always been and always will be till a man lives on the earth. Roses represent inner and outer beauty. The color of rose stands for some deeper symbolism. Blue rose doesn't exist in nature and therefore it can be a symbol of something impossible and fantastic. And getting blue rose tattooed can mean the hope for new possibilities and a miracle. You may get a single blue rose tattooed or an open bloom. Rose and ribbon tattoo with the name of loved ones is touching. Rose tattoo can be combined with butterfly, heart, fairy or cross. There are so many options available.
Another blue tattoo design idea that comes to mind is bluebird tattoo. Bluebird is nautical symbol of good luck. This nice bird is the sign of prosperity, happiness, the arrival of spring and good health in mythology. Remember the popular song of 1940's- "The Bluebird of Happiness". The bluebird symbolizes happy love in the Valentine myth and represents confidence in magical symbolism. For sailors bluebird tattoo on one side of the chest is a sign of 10,000 miles claimed at sea and the bird's mate tattooed on the other side of the chest stands for 20,000 nautical miles clocked.
Dolphin tattoo is a great idea. This nice creature symbolizes intelligence, peace, harmony, freedom and the ocean. Dolphins are free spirited and can have fun. And dolphin tattoo represents joy, fun of life and freedom. Dolphin tattoo reminds us that every day of our life is unique and we should try to be happy and enjoy every minute. Such tattoos are usually done in blue tattoo ink.
Don't forget to make sure that tattoo parlor you are going to visit is reliable and all tattoo equipment and tools are high quality, sterilization is done and your tattoo artist is professional. Good luck!