Green Ink Tattoo Designs

If you are going to get your body tattooed and haven't decided on the design yet, you may pay attention to the tattoo coloring. And I'd like to talk about green tattoo ink tattoos. Green is the color of environment, nature and spring, fertility and youth. Green symbolizes good luck, health, renewal and generosity. Green is the eternal life color and most people like it, especially those who like summer and spring times.
Tree tattoo designs are deeply symbolic. Tree symbolism goes beyond knowing elemental correspondences of a tree, its mythological associations or its healing properties. Tree symbolism is the way of identifying, classifying and organizing the array of energetic knowledge contained in trees and incorporating it in our life. Trees convert carbon monoxide into oxygen and provide fruit. They shade form the sun and provide shelter in storm, they add beauty to the landscape and preserve through hot summers and hard winters. Abstract tree tattoo represent all these facts and the tree of life stands for strength, protection, knowledge, forgiveness, growth, salvation, wisdom and abundance. And specific types of trees have individual meanings. Here are some of them. Apple tattoo stands for happiness, learning and knowledge, temptation and magic. Willow symbolizes lost love, visions, dreams and freedom. Aspen is a symbol of doubt, commitment, determination and mourning. Dogwood tattoo represents questions, indifference and uncertainty. Bay stands for reward, honor and glory. Oak tattoo is a symbol of strength, independence, bravery and endurance. Hawthorn tattoo symbolizes the future, happiness and hope. Renewal and rebirth can be showed by birch tattoo and spiritual awareness, enlightenment and sacrifice by ash design. Cypress symbolizes sorrow, mourning and death. Laurel stands for victory, success and heroism. Healing and love are symbolic meanings of cedar and palm represents contentment, spiritually and peacefulness. Cherry tree symbolizes new life, endurance and reawakening. Tree roots tattoo designs may stand for firm foundation, connection to the past, strength of will and grounded approach to life. Tree tattoos focused on leaves symbolize transition and time, sacrifice and fragility. Fully grown leaf may symbolize adulthood, a newly budded leaf stands for youthfulness and a vibrant fall leaf is a symbol of experience and maturity. There is a wide choice of leaf green inks to make the design live on your body and look real and touching.
A crocodile is another good idea for the lovers of green color. Crocodile and alligator symbolize destructive voracity. They are believed to be the agents of divine retribution. Alligator and crocodile is a symbol of patience, stealth and hidden danger. They have excellent sense of sound and eyesight. Crocodile tattoo may also symbolize maternal love, creative force, primal energy and swiftness.
Floral tattoo designs usually require much of green color and elegant and beautiful flowers with their leaves and the body will look great on the body.
There are innumerable green color tattoo designs and you may not only find something bur create your own tattoo design. Just don't forget that tattooing requires special tattoo equipment and lots of tools and stuff. Make sure everything required is sterile (especially tattoo needles) and enjoy "the birth" of your new tattoo. Good luck!