Orange Tattoo Designs

Choosing the design of tattoo you may pay special attention to the placement or to the size. I think that the color of tattoo is significant. There may be one or several dominant colors in tattoo design and I'd like to talk about some orange ink tattoo designs and their symbolism.
Orange is the color of warmth and energy. It symbolizes enthusiasm, balance and demand of attention. Orange is expansive, vibrant and flamboyant.
Orange flower tattoo catches the eye. It symbolizes passion for life, confidence and satisfaction along with energy and desire. Orange roses reflect growing passion and light orange rose stands for budding romance while bright and more vivid shades symbolize passionate desire. Brilliant and beautiful orange rose design looks charming and fascinating. The burning flames reflect unlimited energy and pride.
Monarch butterfly tattoo is another great idea for the lovers of orange color. Orange, black and white coloring of a large beautiful butterfly is sp attractive for photographers and designers. The Monarch butterfly is unique as it's the only family of insects that migrate and store fat reserves in the stomach preparing for winter. For the winter Monarch butterflies journey south. The unique life cycle of Monarchs makes them a symbol of change and transformation from something material and earthly into something free and spiritual. Monarch butterfly is the symbol of the soul in Greek culture.
Tiger is a great symbol for tattoo. This beautiful animal has long been in indigenous tattooing in Thailand, India, Indonesia, Burma, Japan, China and Malaysia. Tiger is associated with passion and power, sensuality and ferocity, wrath and cruelty, speed and beauty. Tiger can symbolize both death and life.
Orange blossom tattoo will symbolize eternal love, marriage and chastity. In ancient China orange blossom stood for innocence, purity and chastity.
Fire tattoo can have incredibly divergent symbolism. Fire symbolizes lust, temptation, destruction, sin and hell and at the same time it can represent light, change, wisdom, rebirth, passion, creation and transformation. It's interesting and deeply meaningful to add flames to another symbol to emphasize or change the meaning. Heart with flames represents passionate and better relationship. Fire can be harmful and destructive as well as beneficial and constructive.


If you like orange tattoo color and want to see it as the main color of your tattoo, you may create your unique design together with the tattoo artist.
Don't forget to make sure that all tattoo equipment is high quality, tattoo needles and tattoo gun are sterile and everything is all right. Take proper care of your tattoo and enjoy its beauty and meaning. Good luck!