Pink Ink Tattoo Designs

Tattooing is not only a fashion trend but the way of self-expression and sometimes of hiding scars. Tattoo art is becoming more and more popular and the number of tattoo designs is striking. Tattoo artists create new designs and you may get really unique tattoo. The choice of tattoo placement and design depends on many aspects and we shouldn't forget about the significance of color design as well. Colors have visual effect on people and it's better to find the perfect combination of tattoo design, its size, colors and placement. I'd like to talk about the most "girls' color". Pink color symbolizes romance and love, tenderness and caring, calm and acceptance. Some pink color tattoo designs show characters child-like personality or childish innocence yet others may have quite another symbolic meaning and associations.
Floral design looks great and pink flowers are associated with gentility, grace and happiness. The pink blossoms convey joy, innocence and youth. Sweetness of pink flower tattoos really attracts. Pink rose tattoo symbolizes pure love and tender feelings, lightness and time, soul and resurrection.
Butterfly tattoos look cute in pink ink. Butterfly is a symbol of changing for the best and beautiful life. Early American native legends told about butterflies carrying wishes to the Great Spirit. Butterfly was a symbol of earth's fertility among Mexican Indian tribes. Bright pink ink butterfly tattoo will be a good choice.
Star can be tattooed in any color you like and pink ink star designs are interesting idea. Star symbolizes hope, honor and achievements. Devine light of stars lead us through darkness of our life and why not to make the starlight of our dreams pink?
Heart tattoo symbolizes passion and love, life and kindness. Some designs can stand for broken heart and the loss of loved one and others show that our heart is flying on the wings of love. We can add initials or the name of our loved one to the heart design. Red color is common choice for heart tattoo but mild pink ink will also look great.
Flamingo symbolizes beauty, balance and grace. Pink flamingo tattoo looks elegant and attractive. It may be two flamingoes making abstract heart to symbolize beautiful and everlasting love.
There are numerous pink tattoo designs that can be just unusual and attractive, deeply meaningful and symbolic. Symbol tattoos can be of any color. Make your choice and consult your tattoo artist. If you visit the definite tattoo parlor for the first time, you should make sure that it's professional and trusted with skillful tattoo artists. Tattoo needles, all tattoo equipment and any tool should be high quality and sterile. I hope you'll make your choice without too much doubt and will enjoy it! Good luck!