Purple Tattoo Designs

Do you like purple color? And what about purple tattoo designs? They are really amazing. Purple color symbolizes spirituality and royalty, wisdom and nobility, enlightenment and ceremony. Purple is the color of luxury and power. It is associated with spiritual fulfillment and good judgment. Purple can be cool and warm and it's widely used in meditation. Purple color is able to stimulate peace of mind. Mysterious purple color is favorite of some women and hated by others. If you like it, purple flower tattoo design would be a great choice!
Purple flowers represent success, pride and dignity. Purple flower tattoo symbolizes elegance, grace and femininity. Purple rose sends a message of love at the first sight. This unique rose color attracts and stands for desire and enchantment. It may symbolize your uniqueness as purple roses are so eye-catching and rare. Purple rose is also a symbol of majesty and opulence.
Butterfly tattoo is another great idea. It is a symbol of joy, love and change. Butterfly designs represent simplicity, peace, beauty, flight and transformation. Butterfly tattoo also stands for self-completion and progress throughout life, reincarnation and both life and death. Butterfly tattoo looks cute and pretty but you should know that purple butterfly tattoo is usually done as a symbol of fight against lupus.
There are lots of purple ink tattoo designs and you may create your own unique tattoo. If you like glow in the dark tattoo designs, pay attention to blacklight purple tattoo ink that looks great. Just don't forget about your safety and get ready for tattooing beforehand. Make sure the tattoo parlor where you are going to get tattooed is trusted and a real professional will work on your tattoo design. Check what brand of tattoo ink will be used. Tattoo needles and any tool that will touch your skin should be sterile.