Red Tattoo Designs

Tattooing is a popular body art nowadays and people all over the world get their bodies tattooed for various reasons. For some it's just the way of beautifying and for others tattoo has deeply symbolic meaning. Sometimes tattoos are done to hide the scars. The choice of tattoo designs is endless and depends of individual preferences. Lifestyle influences the choice of tattoo placement and design greatly. People are searching for meaningful symbols and want them look great. The color of tattoo also is significant as colors can influence our mood. Most of us have one or several favorite colors and if we are going to get tattooed we'd rather choose the design where we see them. I'd like to talk about red color and its symbolism and discuss several red tattoo designs.
Red symbolizes love, desire, passion, energy and excitement. It is also a symbol of power and strength, aggression and violence. Depending on the image red tattoo can stand for something passionate and good or for something intense and evil.
Red rose is a popular tattoo design and there are lots of reasons for that. Red rose is a symbol of love, beauty, passion, faith, devotion, intrigue, timelessness and sexuality. We see that most symbolic meanings of rose are the same as just for red color. Rose is a beautiful flower loved by most women. In mythology rose is associated with the goddess of love who adorned her feet, neck and head with roses- Aphrodite. He had a slain lover Adonis and there was a rose bush within the pool of blood spilled from him. In this case red rose symbolizes the immortal union and everlasting love. In the Renaissance a rose with eight petals was considered the message of renewal and rebirth. Rose also symbolizes tactic understanding and secrets. You may also choose abstract red rose tattoo or combine the symbol of rose with another image.
Heart is usually tattooed with red tattoo ink and again the symbolism of red color and heart are mostly the same. Heart symbolizes romance and love. And the details of design will stand for happy love or broken heart, the loss of loved one or the love for one's kids. Heart is also a symbol of joy and charity.
Of course, the tattoo design usually requires more than one color but one of them is basic. I enjoy the combination of white and red. In Japanese it sounds Kohaku- Ko translates as red and haku means white. Used together they symbolize celebration and happiness. Chinese and other Asian symbols look great in red.
These are only few red tattoo ideas. The choice should be carefully made and we also shouldn't forget to prepare for the procedure. We should choose trusted tattoo parlor and professional tattoo artist. We should make sure that all tattoo equipment, tattoo needles, tools and all the stuff meet the standard- all of them are high quality and sterile and some should be only disposable. Pay special attention to tattoo needles- you'd better see how your tattoo artist takes them out from special pack. And don't forget to get advice on tattoo aftercare- the recommendations of professional will be useful. Good luck!