Yellow Tattoo Designs

There are different ways of choosing tattoo designs. Some go by symbolism of tattoo first, some first decide on the tattoo placement, some choose among the most unique designs and some search among designs which can be done in one's favorite color. I'd like to have a look at some yellow tattoo ink designs.

Yellow color symbolizes optimism and happiness, joy and imagination, sunshine and hope, friendship and idealism. This magnificent color of summer is loved by most men and women all over the world. Yellow tones have proved to have positive effect on people though sometimes it's associated with cowardice and illness, deceit and jealousy. But I think that the main association is light, sun and joy. Yellow tattoos look great on the body. It may be tattoo made mostly with yellow ink or it may be one color of the complex tattoo.

Sun tattoo symbolizes authority, brilliance and glory. It represents spirituality, happiness and life. Rising sun tattoo stands for hope. It may be abstract sun or sun with smiling face tattoo. All people are happy to see the sun shining brightly in the sky and enjoy warm days. Looking at sun tattoo only positive emotions are raised.

Banana design is another great idea for the lovers of yellow color. Bananas are associated with joy and exotic countries, adventures and happiness. Banana plants were planted near altars in Hawaii and the spirit of such bananas was said to fly up to the gods. In Asia banana plant is considered the first gift from the gods. Banana leaves are used in ritual of making women fertile and symbolize abundant fertility in Africa.

Stars were often met in various contexts for centuries and each brings different religious, social and cultural meanings. Star tattoo symbolizes dreams, ideals, high ambitions, positivity and life.

Yellow flowers evoke feelings of lightheartedness and joy. Yellow flower tattoo symbolizes happiness and friendship.

Animal tattoo designs have always been popular. Lemon or yellow sailfin is a beautiful and bright fish and tattoo picturing it is a symbol of luck and happy future. Giraffe tattoo symbolizes flexibility and intuition. Yellow chick tattoo looks extremely cute and funny. Lion is a symbol of strength and courage, wisdom and justice, dignity and dominion. Lion tattoo is also a great idea for people born under the Zodiac sign of Leo.

Yellow tattoo ink is available in variety of tinctures and one or several can be used in tattoo design. You may also choose black-light yellow ink for tattoos which will joyfully glow in the dark.

There are so many tattoo designs and I hope you'll find something perfectly matching your personality and lifestyle. Get prepared for tattoo seriously- make sure the tattoo parlor where you are going to be tattooed has good reputation and your tattoo artist is creative and professional. All tattoo equipment, tools and stuff should be sterile and high quality. And don't forget to ask your tattoo technician about the best ways of tattoo aftercare and what you should do and what you should avoid during healing period. Good luck!