How to start using a tattoo machine?

It goes without saying that a tattoo machine or gun is the central element of the process of tattooing. The ink, flowing through the machine, forms the shape of a tattoo step by step. Nevertheless, it's important not to forget it's not the gun that creates the beauty of a tattoo, but it's the tattooist. So it's crucial to learn how to use the machine effectively and of course it requires lots of patience and time.
The tattoo guns may look in a different way, though their structure is quite the same. Their parts include contact points, a place where the needle goes through and power supply as well as other parts such as front and rear springs, soldering lug, binding post, contact caps, needle tube, machine frame, band hook and needle bar.
What are the basic principles when using a tattoo gun?

  1. It's necessary to set up the machine at the right 45-degree angle in order to fill the ink under the skin properly. If the angle is improper, too straight or sharp, the result may be not clear.
  2. Do not set up the gun too deep, as it can lead to severe pain and bleeding. On the contrary, too shallow plunging will make the tattoo fade in a short period of time.
  3. Sterilize your machine in the right way, not forgetting to place all the necessary parts.
  4. Practice to set up the gun, till it's done automatically, this will minimize the hassle in future.
  5. Use the palm firmly, supporting with the rest of your arm, to control the gun as it will prevent unbalanced work of the machine.

However, what is also important when speaking about tattooing is the usage of needles. Before you start using the machine, you are to learn how to put the detached pieces together. These are the instructions to follow.

  1. Check if the machine has all the necessary parts.
  2. Put the tip, grip, needle housing, and the engine together. Take needle housing and insert it in the hole. About one-fourth of an inch should be above the fastener.
  3. Adjust the grip to the tattoo gun by tightening to it firstly the top screw and then the bottom screw.
  4. Take the appropriate needle and insert it in the needle housing.
  5. Get the end of the needle and connect it with the hook of the gun. Then put down the needle and get it on the vibration nub. In order to place the needle safely, put the rubber grommet just over the nub.
  6. Connect the gun and the foot pedals with the power station. Place the foot pedal on the floor. Then plug the clip cord to the power station. Attach two clips to the posts of the gun. Having any holes, fasten the clips by tightening the screw.
  7. Turn the power station on. Use the foot pedal to test the process. Adjust the speed of the needle and grip if necessary.

Of course it's quite obvious that it takes hundreds hours of practicing until one becomes a successful master. They say the gods do not make pots. Lots of hard work and patience will turn ordinary tattoo projects into real masterpieces. Good luck!