Tattooing- Before, During, After

Tattooing is really popular nowadays and if all people should take of their health every day as much as it is possible, people who want to get tattooed or who have already got should know some things to take care of and to consider.

Tattoo is a surface healing wound and during the healing period any tattooed person should avoid swimming pools, hot tubs and any soakings in water. That's because of the susceptibility of the healing skin to infection and water and public pools are usually sources of bacteria. New tattoo can also be hurt by too coming off the scab.

Before the day of tattooing you should get a good night's sleep and have a good meal as the process of tattooing is more tiring than you probably expect even if you aren't active during it. No aspirin or alcohol should be taker before getting tattooed. It can cause heavily bleeding during the tattooing as both mentioned products thin the blood.

If you are planning a large tattoo and the process will take long time, you'd better have someone who will drive you home after it. There is nothing frightening about tattooing but the endorphin rush influence people in different ways.

You should tell the tattoo artist about allergies to petroleum products, latex or antibiotic ointments if you have any before the process.

The process of tattooing itself is rather painful but exciting enough to feel less pain. During tattooing you should try not to move. If you want to sneeze or cough, you should tell it the tattoo artist because any sudden movement can result in a mistake that would be permanent.

You should have enough drinks with you to feel comfortable and if it's going to be a large piece, you can even have a small snack during the break.

Your favorite music in the player will help you to relax and the time would pass by pleasantly.

After the process is over, you should be ready to take all possible care of it. The first and one of the main things- don't pick at the scab on the tattoo! It would itch, but you shouldn't scratch it to avoid coming off the scab too soon because it may result in the risk of leaving a blank spot in the design.

New tattoo should be gently washed with a natural, mild soap with the fingertips, quickly rinsed and patted during drying off.

New tattoos should get little antibiotic ointment until the formation of the scab. After the scab starts you should use organic tattoo healing lotion to moisturize the skin. During healing you should avoid sunburns, clothes that rub too much, anything that can scratch or scape the surface, heavily sweating and any activities that can make tattoo get hit.

3 to 7 days is a usual initial healing period for new tattoos. After about two weeks the tattooed skin is often healed. And you should avoid all the things mentioned above until the entire surface is healed. Of course, the reactions may vary as the skin healing is individual and if you see that something goes wrong, talk to your tattoo artist or visit a doctor.

Make sure the tattoo artist uses high quality and trusted brands of tattoo ink because low-quality inks may cause allergic reaction. Use special tattoo aftercare products and follow all recommendations of the tattoo maker and those I offer you to get beautiful and healthy tattoo as soon as possible.